Mrs. Kiran Shailendra Parakh
Vidya Vihar Girls Hostel, Akola. 
 “My Home Away from My Town”
In today’s position & competition in education field, girls are on top position than boys. Hence, looking forward for higher education & top level coaching students are residing out of home town also.
Now a days “Akola City” is top place in western vidarbha of 5 district for education & coaching. Hence students from other cities & towns are coming to Akola searching for safe & homely accomodation for the requirements of girl students. Mrs. kiran Parakh started girls hostel keeping in view to help such needy girl students.
The name “Mrs. Kiran Parakh” the personality always help to poor girls of society. She had helped from last 15 years to such 5 students every year. She had adopted 5 girl students every year for free education, till their education completes & take care personally.
From social obligation she struck an idea to open residential girls hostel to the girls. Who comes from out of Akola for further coaching & higher education.
The Hostel consists of 2 bedrooms & 3 bedrooms with air cooling facility with 24 hrs electricity from generator, studyroom, purified water of “Aqua Guard” water cooler. General room for entertainment T.V. , Library, garden. Also dinning hall having hygenic vegetarian food of two times with tea or coffee. There is sufficient parking place too.
Also the care for students is taken personally regularly, providing them 100% security. So, if you are thinking of provide your girls education in Akola. Please do visit ” VIDYA VIHAR GIRLS HOSTEL “……….